Broken Glass and the Sea

One night,
Elliot Tanner
got wrecked on
a bottle of Pernod
he had stolen
from his mother’s
drinks cabinet.

He took the bottle
down to the beach
met up with Stuart
and they threw stones
at it when they’d
blind drunk
and mostly missing
until one
lucky throw
smashed the glass
into a thousand

Next day,
families herded
their kids
shattered glass
and puke
dog walkers
put their
dogs on leads.

That night,
the high tide
swept in and
folded the shards
into its
salt green body,
washed away
the vomit,
licked the stones

Now, when
children scour
the stones
they sometimes find
rare pieces
of emerald glass
smoothed and polished
glinting in the sun
the grey and white

About Lupine Collides

Poetry, theatre, music, gardens. What binds these things is a love of images and sound, and the desire to make a doorway between the imaginal world and everyday.
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