Stone angel on the harbour wall
gazes blindly at the mermaid on the rock,
can’t see his own body decorated
with cigarette burn
and lichen.

A trawler approaches
in a diesel cloud
sloppy with sardines,

The fishermen are boys
full of energy
who mock each other,
laughing loudly.

As 2 wrestle on the deck,
a thirdcups a roll up
against the spray
and salt and stares into the
fathomless deep.
At the boat’s prow a green horse,
at the stern, wooden steps
invite him to stroll
into the ocean
so his corpse can become a doll
on the sea bed for
mermaids to kiss.

Our mermaid watches
the men on the boat intently,
with methodical calm.
She smokes a cigarette,
and lies on her back

as their bare chest
flash in the sun.
She looks closely at
the young man who
stares into the sea
as if longing for its depth.

The  stone angel looks
blindly at the mermaid,
head tilted as if
he might hear
what he can’t see.


About Lupine Collides

Poetry, theatre, music, gardens. What binds these things is a love of images and sound, and the desire to make a doorway between the imaginal world and everyday.
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