Plastic Castle and an Orange

A boy built a castle from lego.
Soldiers manned its ramparts,
tapestries hung on the walls but
the King was absent and
the draw bridge drawn.

My friend, as I tell you this,
let me offer you an orange,
not to quench your thirst
but so you may taste Seville,
the Orange groves and citrus leaves
you picture may be
quite unlike
the cropsprayed rows
that grow waist high
for miles,
attended to by a bored man
in a straw hat and a stained check shirt
on a mechanical fruitshaker.

The juice will quench your thirst
either way
and the tree did blossom,
insecticide laced farms
may ring with
silent guitars that no one
hears but you.

and an old man did leave the village
and walked all the way to Malaga
by the motorway, by the white apartments
and cranes
and was never recognised as the King
of a plastic castle.

The gift is yours,
if you choose to take it.

About Lupine Collides

Poetry, theatre, music, gardens. What binds these things is a love of images and sound, and the desire to make a doorway between the imaginal world and everyday.
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